Writing templates

Creating a template in the dashboard

To create a template, click on the name of the application you want to use then click on Add a template and give a name to your template and finish by clicking on Add.

You can change the name of your template as often as you want, it will have no impact on your client applications.

You can then start editing your template by clicking on its name.

Composition of a template

A template is composed of four things:

  • An HTML body to structure your PDF’s content
  • A (S)CSS file to style your PDF and bring it to life
  • A JSON payload to provide sample dynamic data
  • Settings to customize the PDF (orientation, margins, header and footer)

Draft vs. Published state

When you change a template, you can save a draft and preview the new version by clicking on Save & Refresh.

Once you’re happy with the result you can publish your draft by clicking on Publish.

Note that only the published version is used when generating documents.

In case you want to discard your modifications and rollback to the last published version click on the Discard changes button.