Sending a document by email (Zapier)

PDFMonkey on Zapier

The PDFMonkey Zapier integration provides a Document Generated trigger, a Generate Document action and a Find Document action. This recipe will leverage the trigger.

Zap Template

We provide a Zap template you can use to integrate PDFMonkey with Email by Zapier in a few seconds!

The Document Generated trigger

Create a Zap, select PDFMonkey as the event source and Document Genrated as the trigger event.

Zapier will then ask you to authenticate your PDFMonkey account. You can do so by filling in your private key (you can find it the Account page in the Dashboard).

Once authenticated you’ll be able to select the App and, optionally, the Template or Templates for which you want your Zap to run. In case you don’t select Templates the Zap will run for any Document generated for the selected App.

Attaching the Document to an email

Once your trigger is set up you can select the integration to use to send your email.

There are many email related integrations on Zapier. In this recipe we will use the Email by Zapier one since it doesn’t require you to connect any other account. The same principles still apply with integrations like GMail or MailGun.

Select the Send Outbound Email action and fill in the details of the email you want to send.

In the Attachment field, use the Download URL (valid for 30s) property of the generated Document. This will ensure that the Document is downloaded and attached to the email.

Fill in any additional field you want to customize.

Once finished you can save your Zap and turn in on.