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blog (2/2)

Fashionably natural

On the fringe of the Fashion Week will be held the Sustainable Fashion Week. Can fashion do better?

Let’s deMOOCritize information!

MOOC are a great way to learn and understand how to participate on many subjects, environment included! Quick overview of upcoming sessions.

On the road again?

Coldplay and Massive Attack recently announced their respective approaches to reduce their carbon footprint maybe starting a new trend.

Dhaka, from pollution to action

Bangladesh is making many efforts to become a middle-income country and this also requires environmental considerations.

New Feature: Master Templates

Official announcement of the release of the Master Templates to make document creation easier.

COPing mechanism

The COP25 organization was more challenging than anticipated, it almost didn't happen

Drop by drop

We’re a startup but we do our best to be good citizens of the world.